A christian view of islam essays on dialogue

He is also benevolent and patient, faithful and kind to Muslims, the giver of all gifts. We Christians should never despise their deep aspirations, but should love and respect every Muslim who sincerely worships Allah. Although the Hebrew name contains the possibility of a plural humthe name of Allah hu can only be singular.

In his struggle against polytheism, Muhammad waged a merciless campaign against all gods, idols and images. All other gods are nothing!

A Christian view of Islam : essays on dialogue

No one can understand Allah, so devout believers can only worship this unknown God and live before him in fear and reverence, observing all his laws in strict obedience. Mosques are often the starting point for political upheaval. Those who know something of Judaism will see the parallel with the Pharisaic ablutions.

Muslims thank Allah because he has already granted faith, which leads them to pray and keep the law in order to have the goodwill of Allah bestowed upon them. Many Christians have forgotten that Syria and North Africa were once the heartland of the Christian world, but were overrun and fell under Arab control during the first Islamic invasions between and AD.

A Christian cannot deny the faithful intent of Muslims to serve God. Allah is the Omniscient One with infinite wisdom who hears all and sees all, understands all and encompasses everything. On the contrary, their discipline, sincerity and consistency in praying can be an example to us.

Without a doubt, every true Muslim desires to serve God with all his heart. Allah acknowledges those who repent, and forgives because he is the forgiving one.

A Muslim View Of Christianity Essays On Dialogue

There are exceptions, of course, where noble and sensitive Arabs open themselves to the influence of world-wide humanism or where some resolute wives exert influence over their husbands. How many Christians know even one of the Gospels by heart?

Early in the morning, the Muezzins call from the minarets: Influenced by them, Muhammad freed the Arab world from idolatry. A person is not guided to become active and responsible, but to submit himself passively to his fate.

It is naive, however, to assume that Islam and Christianity were wrestling with each other in that region for six hundred years. Understanding this brings us to a crucial statement expressed by the Islamic theologian al-Ghazali, who meditated at length on the ninety-nine excellent names of God.

Instead he gently moved the veil from before the God of the Old Testament and revealed him to us as the Father. He must accept it and memorize it.A Christian View of Islam brings together fifteen key essays by Tom Michel, the noted Jesuit scholar of ultimedescente.com compendium is organized into three major categories: Interreligious Dialogue: Encountering the "Other".

Specific topics range from approaches to interreligious dialogue to Islam and terrorism, holiness in Islam, and the Qur'an and ecology.

Many of these essays have been published over a number of years in specialized books and periodicals, including academic journals in India and Indonesia. This book is essential reading for any Catholic who is serious about going beyond the myths and tendentious ‘knowledge’ concerning Islam so widespread today and facing the challenge of interacting with Muslims in an authentically Christian manner.

A Christian perspective on Islam.

more beautiful than the most fascinating view, stronger than all atomic and hydrogen bombs together, and greater than anything we know. Allah is the unique, and inexplicable one — the remote, vast and unknown God.

Allah in the Light of the Christian Faith.

A Christian perspective on Islam

Islam has recovered much ground and. A Muslim View Of Christianity Essays On Dialogue. Topics islamic, books. Collection opensource. Muslims and Christians.

Ayoub is well respected in the field and has written numerous books and articles on Shi'ite Islam and Muslim-Christian relations. The volume includes sixteen Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader plus-circle. Boston University Libraries.

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A Christian View of Islam


A christian view of islam essays on dialogue
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