A discussion of whether the concept of the third world still has any validity

The general impression I get is that most contributors still hold out hope that sustainable development will become increasingly relevant or be re-invigorated somehow. That being said, the terms are too broad to be useful in most contexts, and a handful of booming economies in the global south pose a problem to the duality.

I agree- it is time for more concrete approaches. And it should be this way, as the developed countries have the historical responsibility for the situation and need to gain the trust of the South. But they are still changes that need to be made.

That said, I do not think the term sustainable development should be dismissed, but rather approached more closely.

Why You Shouldn't Call Poor Nations 'Third World Countries'

China is unique becuase they are poor at the same time they have one of the best economies in the world. With respect, Elizabeth Fran K. Would you feel comfortable knowing that your taxes had been prepared by an overseas accountant, or your CAT scan read by an overseas radiologist?

The latter - now the Fourth World - are recognised as having peculiar problems that distinguish them from even the slowest developing Third World. It does seem hard to find and it probably does not taste very good.

Although the meaning of the term has good intention with respect to future generations, it is very broad and the specifics should vary from region to region. Relative to the Kyoto protocol that aimed to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change, it was not taken so seriously in as it is today, after much more clear evidence that it does in fact exist.

Could you do your job better from home, as the JetBlue telephone agents do? The idea is that the frequency of the shocks could be increasing from now on.

David Null, Emeritus Professor, California State Polytechnic University, USA While there is no precise definition of the "first" or "rich" world, the World Bank does categorize countries as high, upper, and lower middle, as well as low income.

What would it take for you to become an untouchable? I look forward to reading more about your work. China recently replaced Japan as an economic superpower and with countries competing over economy; sustainable development is not the biggest priority.

What can we do to ensure that the strategic optimists win? Lastly, the developed nations should focus on more strict regulations to change their lifestyles and behaviors. Do I think this is effective? I would also like to see this happen. I think the Commission got it right when defining and making prescriptions about the problem and I feel that the objectives set by the Commission are still a meaningful basis for action.

In what way did politics influence entrepreneurship in the s? Disease, quite literally, can also be read as dis-ease, and these four issues just mentioned are symptoms of dis-ease in Earth and dis-function of the systems within the Earth.

It may be gradual but action will be taken to tackle SD objectives. Sam Tajirian Personally, despite the lack of visible results, I believe SD as imaged by the Commission was and remains to this day a relevant and worthy goal.

The focus remains mostly on these poor countries. It came from a speech at the UN where it was claimed "A third of the world" was living in poverty hence the low economic status of that Third of the World.

To make the point in more obvious terms, nuclear warfare and man-made global warming are unique outcomes of the forces we deem essential to being developed.The French for "Third World" is "Le Tiers Monde".

This does not mean "third" in the sense of a number three in a sequence, but "third" in the sense of "one third. "Third World" is archaic: The notion that there is not one world but three is a vestige of the Cold War, when the U.S.

and its non-Communist allies were deemed the First World, the Communist Bloc. I think part of the problem with the sustainable development concept is that it is a “discussion” or maybe even a “debate” within a relatively small circle of academics (such as myself), policy makers, etc.

and the concept has not really entered the consciousness of the billions of people (mostly poor) on this planet. World," "Third Position,,9 and "Third Force,10 have been used rather loosely and interchangeably to refer to the view that the interests of.

remains very wide: 43% of the world’s population still belongs to the “very poor” States, while one third of humanity suffers from food deficiencies. Rigorous structural adjustment programmes should have meant the disappearance in the early s of the demands of the New International Economic Order.

"Discuss Whether The Concept Of The 'Third World' Still Has Any Validity". Firstly, in order to address this title, the term 'Third World' must first be defined in terms of it's origin and meaning.

Debate: Is Sustainable Development Still Relevant?

The industrial revolution in the nineteenth century led to Western-Europe and the United States becoming increasingly technological, industrialised and urbanised.

A discussion of whether the concept of the third world still has any validity
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