Court ruled against thunder cross motor sports park on wrongful death of christopher jones

We emphasize that our holding is limited to commercial enterprises. The track owners we spoke with, including Paxia, expressed confusion over the court ruling and said the other owners they had called were also surprised. Vans Skate Park, N. The Third District found that because the explorer program was a community-supported activity, the release was enforceable.

We see no basis in fact or law for this distinction, nor a reliable standard by which to apply it without making value judgments as to the underlying activity that the parent has deemed appropriate for the child to engage in.

I agree with this distinction. The American Motorcyclist Association. But on appeal, the Fourth District Court of Appeal said there was nothing in state law that allowed a parent to waive all legal rights on behalf of their minor child.

This argument finds considerable support in the decisional law across the country. Christopher took a jump and the ATV landed on top of him.

Florida High Court Nixes Business Liability Waivers Affecting Children

Mountain Resort, Wash. Bobby Jones and his sons enjoyed racing all terrain vehicles ATVs and Christopher had been at the track before to race. Thus, as we did in respect to arbitration agreements, it is reasonable to conclude that the Legislature has chosen not to act in respect to pre-injury releases.

While attempting a particular jump, Christopher lost control of his ATV, causing himself to be ejected. In Global Travel Marketing, Inc. That decision conflicted with a previous ruling that upheld the waivers. The case is known as Fields vs.

As explained in the amended complaint: The district court did not focus on whether the guardian had authority to execute the pre-injury release on behalf of the minor.

Parents Cannot Waive Children’s Rights

Exculpatory contracts are, by public policy, disfavored in the law because they relieve one party of the obligation to use due care and shift the risk of injury to the party who is probably least equipped to take the necessary precautions to avoid injury and bear the risk of loss.

Mentor Soccer Club, Inc. If pre-injury releases were permitted for commercial establishments, the incentive to take reasonable precautions to protect the safety of minor children would be removed, according to the court.

Second, the release in this case was all-encompassing, as it covered not just injuries occurring as a result of the activity of ATV riding, which itself could be considered inherently dangerous, but all negligent acts.

But the ill-defined definitions in the court ruling make for an uncertain future. I recognize that in Shea the majority said in a footnote that it was not addressing the distinction between commercial and community-based and school-related activities as applied to pre-injury waivers of liability.

The state Supreme Court decided that the absence of a statute governing parental pre-injury releases demonstrates that the Legislature has not precluded the enforcement of such releases on behalf of a minor child. Spencer Kirton, et al.

The release included specific language that waived any claims based on the negligence of the track.The wrongful-death case, Scott Corey Kirton v. Jordan Fields, involved year-old Christopher Jones, killed in while riding an all-terrain vehicle at Thunder Cross Motor Sports Park in Okeechobee.

Jones, filed suit for wrongful death against Spencer Kirton, Scott Corey Kirton, Dudley Kirton, and the Kirton Brother Lawn Service, Inc. (“the Kirtons”) as owners and operators of Thunder Cross Motor Sports. Almost a week doesn’t go by without hearing about car accidents in Jacksonville involving all-terrain vehicles and children.

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Statistics show that almost every year, 40, children and teenagers are seriously hurt in ATV rollover accidents. The ruling clears the way for Florida wrongful death litigation against a motor sports track in Okeechobee County.


The issue began with the death of year old Christopher Jones on May 10, at the Thunder Cross Motor Sports Park. Christopher Jones Essay Examples. Court Ruled Against Thunder Cross Motor Sports Park on Wrongful Death of Christopher Jones.

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The Condemnation of Dr. Faustus. 1, words. 2 pages. The Character of Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, a Mystery Novel by Mark Haddon.

Court Ruled Against Thunder Cross Motor Sports Park on Wrongful Death of Christopher Jones ( words, 2 pages) In summary, Christopher Jones, was crushed to death by his all-terrain vehicle (ATV) on May 10, at the Thunder Cross Motor Sports Park in Okeechobee, Florida.

Court ruled against thunder cross motor sports park on wrongful death of christopher jones
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