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What we all liked best were the shawls from Kashmir and the stone sculptures from Andhra Pradesh. Some hobbies are useful while other hobbies are harmful. I along with my brother went to see it. They belonged to the officers and richmen. They provide a break and lighter moments to our lives.

In between the stalls there were many tea-stalls, ice-cream parlours, and coffee houses for the general public. We also saw a good stock of shawls, blankets and carpets. Items in the shop were put in a tempting manner.

The exhibition was a miniature northeast presented in one field. As we entered the gates, I saw many colorfully decorated stalls nearby. A few years ago, I got an opportunity to visit the Annual North-Eastern Exhibition held at Polo Football stadium, Shillong, along with few of my friends in the city.

There were some shops selling tea and snacks where we refreshed ourselves. Different persons have different hobbies. On another side, there were things of toilet like soap, oil, socks etc. In the verandahs there were fine things of art and uncommon things. The grounds were tastefully decorated.

One needs change from the dullness of daily life. There was a large tent where all kinds of agricultural instruments and models were put for show. In one huge painting, there was the face of a woman surrounded by hawks. In front of our house I the village, there is a small plot of land.

By the time, we came out of the village complex, it was evening.

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Our parents and I enjoyed the exhibition for a long time. We concluded our enjoyable visit with a cup of hot coffee. Roads came from all directions and met at this place. I have grown vegetables from our garden every day. Glass bangles and articles of imitation gold were being sold at one place.

On another side there were furniture and other household things made of wood. The picture of a weak child sucking milk from the sunken breasts of his mothered was very touching. There seemed to be more and more as we entered further into the grounds.

Hunting, collecting photographs or personalities and boating are hobbies of some others. We got a change to see the wonders that the people of India have to offer to the world. Hobbies are a necessary part of our life in the modern age. We saw them very carefully. Everybody had his or her own interpretations of these paintings.

The last section of the exhibition consisted of the industrial section, which depicted the industrial progress of the region. They are photography, boating and riding. It is really amazing What man can do with his two hands. We visited the village complex.

There was noise as well as dust. Hobbies provide this change. Some of the paintings exhibited were realistic while others were impressionistic. A good number of people were going through the various books.

This section contained books dealing with the seven sister-states of the Northeast. The photo section depicting the panoramic sights and natural sceneries of Northeast too attracted hundreds of visitors. Under a small tower stood the policeman, to control the mela.A Visit To An Exhibition – English Essay.

admin September 20, Essays in English Leave a comment 14, Views. I went to an exhibition with my friends recently, and was very impressed with it. It was held in the musical grounds of our town, and was titled ‘The Arts and Crafts Exhibition’. It was a big exhibition, though not as big as.

Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Visit To An Art Exhibition” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit To An Art Exhibition Last Sunday, and exhibition of paintings by eminent painters was held in the Lions Club Hall in our town. Words Short Essay on a Visit to an Exhibition. Article shared by. Exhibitions are held in many districts by the government.

The Aligarh exhibition is very famous. I along with my brother went to see it.

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words essay on A Visit to an Exhibition ; Essay. A Visit To An Exhibition English Essay- A Visit To An Exhibition Short Essay For Kids Subject Write an English essay on A Visit To An Exhibition in your words.

Complexity Medium Grade/Class 1st to 5th standard Number of words words Age group 5 – 10 years Exhibitions are a source of information. A visit to an exhibition is a novel experience. An exhibition which I visited recently was very interesting. It was one of the largest exhibitions ever held.

Home» Languages» English (Sr. Secondary)» Essay on “A visit to an exhibition” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. A visit to an exhibition Hobbies are pastime; we have hobbies for spending our leisure in pleasure.

Essay on exhibition i visited
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