Gay discrimination persuasive essay

The Law is also old and out-dated, created in a different era of society than the one we live in today, it is meant to keep up with the changing values of society after all. Same-sex marriage should therefore not be legalized, because it does not only violate the laws of nature, but is also harmful for the wellbeing of the global society.

The protection and support of the state should extend only to real marriage, and not the one that has a distorted vision on what family should be like.

Homosexuals are just as good at caring for children as heterosexual couples, their children grow up to be just as happy and successful Gay discrimination persuasive essay those raised by heterosexuals. He said that childhood adjustment is determined simply by the relationships parents have with their children and each other.

We have anti-discrimination laws, which protect sex, race etc. For a start, the current gay rights essay will explain why gay marriage is basically not marriage at all.

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We have made discrimination illegal, created equal rights for everyone and all these wonderful things. Its major purpose is satisfaction of personal interests by two individuals who have formed a union that is naturally sterile. Many say that Children need one parent of each sex to thrive, not two of one sex.

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Gay Rights Persuasive Essay: Arguments against Gay Marriage

We can talk, make buildings etc. The goal of the current gay rights movement essay is to persuade the public that gay marriage should not be made a rightful procedure because it causes irreparable harm not only to the society in general, but to the wellbeing of children as well.

No matter how many Bills have been introduced; they have so far been rejected. Starting Sentence Option 2: If I want to marry the one love and start a family, who are they to stop me? The following gay marriage rights essay will explore why same-sex marriage is harmful and why it should not be legalized, although in many states, it had already become legal, which resulted in a number of negative consequences.

That is what we hear all the time from TV screens and front pages of the newspapers. All this might weaken the social morality. Furthermore, it is evident that one of the major reasons of why the state provides plenty of benefits to the married couples is that marriage is supposed to provide adequate conditions for the upbringing of children for them to be raised in an affectionate and favorable atmosphere being a result of the mutual love between the parents.

Although gay marriage has already been legalized in many states of the USA, there is a hope that the society will see the harmful effects produced by such union on the welfare of people and the laws will eventually change in the nearest future.

It should be noted that in the modern conditions of global democratization, gay rights are protected in many countries of the world, which has a number of effects on the social wellbeing as will be discussed below.

Gay Marriage Persuasive Speech

According to a report by the Williams Institute and the Urban Institute in the USA made in65, kids were living with their gay adoptive parents between andwith another 14, in foster homes directed by homosexuals. If same-sex marriage is legalized, it can be called a family union, which means that such union promotes the idea that homosexual lifestyle is perfectly normal for the modern society.

Equal rights for all, men, women, all races etc. That is why gay marriage cannot be considered a rightful union as it contradicts the human nature.

They preach equality and anti-discrimination, but at the same time they discriminate against homosexuals. Undoubtedly, there are problems, but we are becoming more socially oriented, tolerant, and culturally diverse.

Yet, there is still inequality between heterosexuals and homosexuals. On balance, discrimination is negative, but natural. It is also evident that gay marriage encourages the homosexual lifestyle. It all sounds very enthusiastic, but the truth is that discrimination will never be eliminated.

This relationship is guided by the laws of nature. Therefore, it can be assumed that gay marriage violates the interests and rights of children.

Everyone therefore knows what is morally right and what is unacceptable and acts in accordance with this knowledge.Argumentative Essay on Gay Rights; Argumentative Essay on Gay Rights.

Words Nov 1st, 7 Pages. Show More. Lauren Corey This discrimination must stop because gay and lesbian couples are Gay Rights Persuasive Speech Essay. A Persuasive Speech On Gay Rights Love is a beautiful thing.

It makes people happy. It can change you, and show you things that you never knew about yourself. It lifts you up, knowing there is always. Discrimination Against Homosexuals.

Anti-gay and lesbian discrimination tends to be particularly brutal and nasty. There are many arguments. Gay Marriage Essay Example Outline Free Essay Template. Free Essay Examples, Essay Formats, Writing Tools and Writing Tips.

Banning gay marriage is discrimination and classification of human beings based on value.

Sample Persuasive Speech on Why Discrimination Will Always Exist

Persuasive Essay. Position Paper Template. Research Paper. Sep 09,  · Discrimination Against Gay Marriage is the Voice of Ignorance Marriage is one of the fundamental establishments of the United States.

As a young person, one looks forward to many goals in their lifetime: career success, a good life, and very often marriage to the person they love and a family together.

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Gay discrimination persuasive essay
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