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But on the afternoon of May 15, at an unnecessary campaign rally in Laurel, Md. Wallace had been in declining health since being shot in his presidential campaign by a year-old drifter named Arthur Bremer.

He described himself as devoted to the economic development of his state and to advancing the causes of limited government and middle-class values in national politics.

We stood up for him. Despite these triumphs, it was a dangerous time for blacks and whites who supported the civil rights movement. It was race and rage. He was discharged with a 10 percent disability for combat-induced "psychoneurosis," diagnosed after he refused orders to fly dangerous training missions when his unit returned to California after the Japanese surrender.

When a surprisingly strong anti-Wallace faction in the legislature refused to alter the state Constitution to allow him a second term, Wallace put his ailing wife Lurleen on the ballot in Wallace was the first major political figure in his generation to exploit the antipathy toward Washington that went on to be a prime force in politics from coast to coast.

From the start, aides noticed that the applause dwindled once crowds saw his shiny wheelchair.

From a range of three feet, the gunman shot Wallace three times, severing his spine and paralyzing him for life. In his four terms as governor, Wallace saw an era of unparalleled corruption that operated through a crony system centered on his brother Gerald, a lawyer who died in The story is a factual Jesse Jackson and Rep.

It was wartime and Mrs. So ended the public career that saw Wallace move from being the most feared politician of his era to a pitiable relic. He acquired the hangers-on who staffed his later efforts, and he made an unlikely, but ill-fated friendship with Frank Johnson, a handsome law student from Winston County, a Unionist stronghold in northern Alabama that seceded from Alabama when Alabama left the Union.

It was the seminal moment of his youth. And in his Bible-haunted state, many insisted that a terrible judgment had been visited upon him. Although his presidential hopes ended, Wallace won two more terms as governor by appealing to white loyalty and catering to the thousands of new black voters whose franchise he had opposed.

But he was only shifting gears.

Wallace denounced Johnson in public as a federal dictator, but conspired secretly to avoid being jailed on federal contempt charges by having a local grand jury surrender the records on his behalf.

He reclaimed the governorship in with the most flagrantly racist campaign of his career, warning that his progressive opponent, Albert Brewer, was using a black "block vote" to install a regime of federal oppression. Calling himself the "Barbour Bantam," he won two Golden Gloves titles while in high school.

Wallace and his flamboyantly inept and drug-addled public safety director, Al Lingo, responded mainly by disrupting the federal investigations into crimes like the bombing that killed four little girls at the 16th Street Baptist Church on Sept.

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Like his father, George Jr. As a year-old legislative page at the Capitol in Montgomery, he stood on the gold star marking the spot where Jefferson Davis was sworn as president of the Confederacy and where, by tradition, Alabama governors have taken the oath of office ever since.

Wallace wanted to be remembered for his shining moment in and the Main Street themes he brought to prominence.

So great was his sway over Alabama that by the time he had been in office only two years, other candidates literally begged him for permission to put his slogan, "Stand Up for Alabama," on their billboards.Essay Former Gov.

George C. Wallace of Alabama, who built his political career on segregation and spent a tormented retirement arguing that he was not a racist in his heart, died Sunday night at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery.

He was 79 and lived in Montgomery, Ala. Wallace died of respiratory and cardiac arrest at p.m., said Dana Beyerly, a spokeswoman for Jackson Hospital in Montgomery. This is a seminal work on the subject of Renaissance Florence. It has been cited as a recommended book in Mainstream of Civilization (Chodorow), and has been cited in American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature.

Giovanni and lusanna by gene brucker essay
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