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Between andaround 18 million black slaves were exported from Africa to countries throughout the Caribbean.

How were the slaves treated aboard the ships? After the collapse of the Tobacco production insugar was the new cash crop revolution and was in high demand from Europe. Domestic slavery was common in Africa and well before European slave buyers arrived; there was slaves that were sold to the richer Africans either from criminal activity or a heavy debt.

Plus before the slave trade, plantation owners had to pay for their slaves to work and they could only last for several years. It was not uncommon for the slaves to take their own lives by jumping over board the ship, some bringing others slaves along with them too, when they were brought up on deck.

If slavery could not be avoided however, the Africans should have been given more humanly treatment. They would pay Africans from enemy tribes to raid the villages at night while everyone slept, so it would be easier to capture the disorientated villagers.

Europeans needed cheap sources of manual labor. What factors led to the Transatlantic Slave Trade? The middle passage was the worst part of the transatlantic trade journey.

Africans usually enslaved other people and were taken as prisoners of war, in payment for debt or as a punishment for a crime.

The space aboard the ship was filled to the capacity of slaves. The conditions of the slaves were abysmal; however the Europeans only sought them to be nothing but profit from business trades. There were a number of factors that led to the Slave Trade.

The Atlantic Slave Trade: The slave trade in Africa let some tribes in Africa gain power and money while others suffered. The majority of slaves transported to the Caribbean were Africans from the western parts of the continent.

This research therefore seeks to examine the transatlantic slave trade and how it has impacted on the West African society. There are many reasons why the Transatlantic Slave Trade started. They would make them participate in a dance, where they would snap and whip the slaves to make them jump up in pain.

Desperate slaves would try to escape and this uprising would be put down with brutality. Bristol and slavery, G. The poor conditions, brutal treatment of slaves and continual suicides resulted in high bloodshed. Women were not normally chained and children were usually allowed to run free on the ship.

There were also not enough people left to farm for food and produce babies. Tribes would capture one another and trade slaves to the Europeans for money and goods. Then they were auctioned at high prices by plantation owners which made the Europeans very rich.

Encyclopedia of Caribbean History Vol. Because of the cheap source of labor, the Europeans would earn a big profit trading the slaves in for cotton, gold, silks and other merchants. The raiders would light the huts and capture the unsuspecting persons as they ran to safety.

Africa, where slavery was practiced for centuries, was a major source of slaves. In the process, their technological and economic development was prevented as they devoted their energy to hiding and defending themselves. The import and export became the important feature of the slave trade.

They would be chained by the neck and legs and fastened to other victims, in a slave coffle and lead them for days with no food or water through the African terrain until they would reach the coast.

Inikori and Stanley L. On some ships, the kinder-hearted captains might allow some of the men to be released from their chains if they did not appear to pose a threat to the crew keeping watch on them. Pearl Sharp and Virginia Schomp, The crew rarely came down to wash the slaves but when they did, they would single out the female slaves to satisfy their needs.

The feeding of the slaves was on deck. The Africans were torn apart from their families without a second glance and were put into an entirely different culture that changed their lives forever.

Engerman, The fact that slaves had no will during the entire slave trade proves that the Europeans treated them no better than cattle, and were forced to be a part of the hard manual labor.

The slave trade affected Africa in many ways. However some were bought to do domestic labor, to serve as wives or concubines, or to enhance the status of the slave owner.History SBA Conditions Leading Up To The Riots Words | 12 Pages.

Conditions Leading up to the Riots There were many different factors which influenced the conditions in not only Barbados but across the British Caribbean which eventually led to uprisings in.

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As it was known. the Haitian Revolution influenced the 2nd Maroon War of in ultimedescente.comed Africans had outnumbered them and they also contributed their culture and religion.

as before the revolution it was the leading sugar producer in the 5. and the Demarrara Revolt /5(3). Caribbean History SBA Essay Sample. The Transatlantic Slave Trade, which commenced inwas one of the most important times in the Caribbean history.

These were the times where Africans were captured and taken from their own homes aboard European ships to be sold like cattle in the West Indies. Leading up to the riots Barbados’ economy was in a dreadful state due to many different factors, both internal and external.

One of the more substantial external factors was The Great Depression of the ’s which originated in the United States of America but affected all the countries of the world. My High school History SBA. For Later. save.

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Movements towards Independence and Regional Integration up to He was weary of the poor working conditions and poverty of the working class which deeply concerned him an eventually caused him to act.

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History sba conditions leading up to
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