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Hire a professional essay writer from My Essay Writing - expert writers for college students. When this happens the celebrity then becomes a role model. This is fine if you are Influences celebrities essay Beckham, but not so much if you are Justin Bieber. Teen Self Esteem When a teen is constantly inundated with picture perfect images of Influences celebrities essay favorite celebrities, they can often feel the weight of trying to live up to airbrushed images.

Adolescence Teens and Celebrities Teenagers often turn to their favorite celebrities for guidance in their every day lives. Drug Abuse By Celebrities Almost every other day, a celebrity is in trouble with the law in terms of drug abuse or addiction.

Behaviour seems to be the main issue or more correctly it should be that bad or poor behaviour is that issue. Celebrities promote behaviors that are not always positive for teenagers to see on a daily basis.

Celebrity Influence On Teen Image Many teens become curious about their own image when they see their favorite singers or celebrities throughout magazines, TV shows or in films. Movie stars and musicians are often portrayed as perfect, which can in turn make a teenager feel inadequate.

Every part of their life, what they are proud of and what they are not proud of, then belongs to the public. So what do we expect from our Celebrity Role Models?

Not the sort of behaviour that you would expect from a Celebrity Role Model. Take for example Justin Bieber, who was very much the Celebrity that Influences celebrities essay young girl seems to adore and had his picture on their bedroom wall. But his behaviour whilst in the USA was not just childish it was bordering on criminal, he had little regard for the law on several occasions and was on the verge of being deported and his antics gave rise to court visit.

Sometimes that behavior is also dangerous such as drug abuse or partying excessively. Other Celebrity Role Models may influence dress style and behaviour. Celebrities often cultivate behaviors that are bad, such as drug addiction, and make teens believe these lifestyles to be cool and exciting.

They should be upstanding citizens. He has also had an impeccable history of supporting young people to learn to play soccer and is an ambassador for the positive impact of an active life style that extends to the way he includes his children in both watching and taking part in sport.

Teens that try to emulate their favorite celebrities may select good role models or bad ones that can be positive or negative for teens. Celebrity Role Models need to realise that it is not just their talent that has made them Celebrities and they need to give back to their fans through spending a bit of time finding out how much influence they actually have on their devoted fan base and acknowledge this through their own behaviours.

Teen Body Image The norm among celebrities when it comes to body image and weight is often super skinny and unrealistic. Consider the impact that David Beckham has on his fans, he has encouraged them to play sports and more recently has actively encouraged them to take a positive role in both eating and cooking heathy foods.

Teens see their favorite movie stars or singers doing drugs and they think they should too. Celebrity Role Models When an actor or sports personality becomes a celebrity, their life is no longer their own. Teens normally like to have a role model they can turn to for how to dress, look and act.

Problems with teens linked to celebrities include: Often times, the celebrity is not the best role model, turning to drinking without realizing their fans, in large part teens, are watching and taking notes. The hero worship that then follows is overwhelming and not every Celebrity Role Model can cope with that amount of adoration.

Professional term paper help from experts - look at this site - US and UK writers. Problems such as anorexia and bulimia can develop when a teenager is trying to look like a celebrity.

This can be harmful to teens that pick up on these behaviors and think it is normal to drink excessively like their favorite celebrity. There is a certain amount of responsibility that goes with being a Celebrity Role Model. Self-esteems in teens can plummet if they are always faced with living up to such perfection.

Celebrities Promoting Drinking To Teens In television, movies and magazines, celebrities are often portrayed drinking heavily or in excess. The responsibility is to make sure that through their life style choices that they do not behave in such a way that discredits their sport or skill. Celebrities have become more mainstream role models for teens as their images and lifestyles are normally splashed across television, movies, magazines and all throughout pop culture.Essay Influence of Celebrities vs.

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Parents Influence of Celebrities vs. Parents In today’s culture we can easily influence each other in our society because of the advance in knowledge and media. You Have Not Saved Any Essays.

This is an issue due to the heavy amount of influence a celebrity's decision may bring to young viewers and that can impact young viewers. One major influence that celebrities have on teens is drug abuse. When this scandal went public, Amy's reputation went /5(8).

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Celebrity Role Models When an actor or sports personality becomes a celebrity, their life is no longer their own. The influence of celebrities can range from one’s personal appearance to how a person interacts with the community.

Celebrities have influenced people to wear similar clothes, to have the same hairstyle, or to use the same brand of cosmetics and other personal effects. Celebrities can change how a teen looks at him or herself in the mirror.

They can also have an effect on a teen’s choices in bad habits. They have the power to persuade teens into unrealistic shopping. The influence of celebrities especially in this century has extends far beyond the traditional role meant for it in the society.

The World Wide Web is one of the major causes behind this phenomenon (Choi and .

Influences celebrities essay
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