Inkjet waterslide decal paper

It is best to first purchase a small quantity to test in your printer.

Waterslide Decal Paper For Laser Printers

Some clear acrylic aerosol may NOT work well with our water decal paper. Skins for laptops, ipods, ect. Krylon Clear Coat is a good brand.

Inkjet decal paper is made for inkjet printers The longer drying time is not due to the decal paper - it depends on the type of inks used in the different types of printers.

DIY Waterslide Decals: Laser Or Inkjet?

Top loading printers with a relativley straight path works well. Requires no drying time as the heat of the laser will bond the toner to the decal. Drying times for the inks will vary depending on the printer The laminate can be applied before cutting the decal so that you will cut both decal and laminate together, or you may want to cut it slightly larger and apply it so that it will lap over the decal so that moisture will not seep under the edges.

If you printed the same image on clear decal paper It is always a good idea to use a clear sealer over your finished decal, possibly even two or three coats, allowing it to dry between coats.

Decal papers that are considered contouring have the ability to bend around more complex curves with minimal folding and creases. This special oven will practically burn the decals and permanently print your image onto the object. Cut to the size of your decal if needed Cut the images with the scissors, close to the borders.

Clear Inkjet Water Slide decal Paper. Prepare a bowl of water and set aside.

All about waterslide decal paper transfers

Always remember to use genuine brand name ink. Decal papers that are considered to be contouring: The maximum liability of the seller will be to replace, or give refund, of any product found to be defective. It is safe to say the decal paper itself is indeed waterproof and will not be affected by water.

Water slide decal paper. Papilio white water-slide decal paper is being used for: Slide and gradually remove the paper base of the decal, leaving the translucent top foil with the rinted image on your object.

Spraying with the sealer is not the same as using the over laminate. When the image was printed on the clear paper, the dog was not printed white Neither the manufacturer nor the seller shall be held liable for any injury, direct or consequential, or any damage to the printer, arising out of the use of, or inability to use this decal paper.

Print out your decals from your graphics editing software onto the Papilio water slide decal paper.

Waterslide Decal Paper For Inkjet Printers

The decals can be used on a mugs, glasses, cups, etc. DO NOT cut out the decal first and then apply the solution, for the edges of the paper will absorb the liquid, making it impossible to later slide the decal off the paper.

Available in matte, semi-gloss or glossy finish. Determining how thick or thin you want your decal paper will depend on your project and what you want to achieve.

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Now this can be the tricky part. When in doubt, my suggestion would be to purchase a sheet or two of the papers you want to try. For decal paper that is not water resistant, applying the clear laminate film over your decal will keep the inks from smearing or rubbing off and you can gently clean the decal with water.

Since graphic programs are all different and used in different ways This will allow the image to have the color "white" in it and be visible from the other side of a glass: It is also important to use a Rubber decal Squeegee to remove any excess water or air bubbles from beneath the decal.Find great deals on eBay for inkjet waterslide decal paper.

Super Thin Laser Waterslide Decal Paper – for Small Scale Decals

Shop with confidence. Inkjet Water-Slide Decal Paper HPS manufactures and sells inkjet waterslide decal paper, along with a wide selection of other products including basic inkjet decal paper, economical gummed papers for the ceramics industry, and similar products such as our temporary tattoo paper for both inkjet.

You can apply these non-firing decals of your own design onto almost any decorative items with smooth surface such as glass, ceramic ware, guitars, furniture, fridges, candles, soap, plastic models and many others with inkjet waterslide Decal paper.

Until lately, waterslide decals or decal paper were skillful printed and only accessible in supplied designs, but with the beginning of printable decal paper for color ink and laser printers, custom decals can now be made by the hobbyist or by small enterprises.

Even without this, decals have been made at home by modelers. Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper / Laser Waterslide Decal Paper – General use for candles, plastic models, guitar decals and many other applications Magic Coating Film – Used with inkjet decal paper and it replaces acrylic spray coat and makes stronger finish.

20 Sheets A4 Inkjet Water Slide Decal Transfer Paper, image transfer sheets, DIY photo transfer paper on glass, wood, ceramic, metal, plastic and more.

Inkjet waterslide decal paper
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