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My research demonstrated that most students in my classes using IM welcomed this new method of communication in both on-site and online courses. As always, you can leave all your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions in the comments below.

If Instant messaging and online had to wait too long for an IM reply, they feared their question would not be answered. About instant messaging services Instant messaging services have grown beyond just real-time text chats. I enjoy asynchronous communication because it lets each party participate at their leisure.

The research included undergraduate and graduate-level courses in both the on-site and online environments. Jeong could read them. This separates it from some of the other apps on the list. One way to send or receive email is to use a mail program such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail that will communicate with your mail server.

A multivariate SPSS analysis, however, showed no significant difference for any of these factors. You control how your online status appears to others. These are three Instant messaging and online ways of communicating with other people over the Internet.

Available Busy Away When you open a message in Outlookor when it appears in the Reading Pane, the online status of a contact is shown: IM understandably received the highest satisfaction rating within a distance-learning setting, but it is notable that even in the traditional class setting, students found IM quite useful.

IM was viewed as a better tool for communicating with the instructor than e-mail or the telephone. Student comments included the following: The absence of visual and verbal cues can lead to misinterpretation and awkwardness. Send an instant message You can send an instant message to any person whose online status indicates anything except an Offline status.

Additional collaborative features are included with each service also. Review some of the pros and cons to help decide: IM made it easier for students to approach me, which helped ease their anxiety about the course work.

Since IM is available at any time and anywhere, the instructor and the student need not be in the same place at the same time to communicate. Since people may type quickly or use abbreviations, messages could be difficult to understand.

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Optionally, select the Display online status in the To and Cc fields only when mouse pointer rests on a person name check box. Using online chat, you can meet new people in an anonymous environment.

I think IM as a part of a distance-learning setting is invaluable to both the students and the instructor. The online status choices available in each service vary. The disadvantages of IM are that you lose nonverbal cues, you can be misinterpreted or misinterpret someone else, the other person may not be online, the other person may be slow to respond or not respond at all.

However, it turns out that all 3 billion Yahoo users were affected. Instructors who are not readily available may experience less success with this form of communication.

Type your message in the lower section of the window, and then press Enter to send. I do not see how this is applicable to the class. Students could ascertain whether I was online and proceed accordingly. Read More for good at the end of the year. The following responses indicate that some students did not agree with the ease of IM use, however.

Another method is called Webmail such as Hotmail or Gmail that allows you to send messages using a Web-based interface. IM may replace traditional faculty office hours and allow students better access to their instructors outside class.

Students expressed anxiety about whether I would be available and frustration with having to log on to IM to find out. Those students who did not use IM were asked to explain why.

Online chat rooms allow multiple users to join in a conversation and see what all the other people are typing.

Instant Messaging in On-Site and Online Classes in Higher Education

What do you like best about IM in this class? IM is technically a kind of chat, and some IM services use the term "chat" instead.What's the difference between email, online chat, and instant messaging? Answer: These are three different ways of communicating with other people over the Internet.

These methods are explained below. With chat and instant messaging, you are able to communicate faster and more efficiently online. Learn your available options here.

Instant messaging

Instant Messaging in On-Site and Online Classes in Higher Education A study of student IM usage reveals many advantages and some obstacles to using IM as a classroom communication tool By Wooseob Jeong. Online status is available for any person whose instant messaging email address you have added to your instant messaging contact list.

In addition, online status is shown for people using Lync, regardless of whether or not they are on your contact list. Stay connected with Skype instant messaging. IM your friends, catch up with family, or instant message a colleague for free on virtually any device.

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Instant messaging and online
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