Internship report on effectiveness of sales promotion

In all such cases, the measurement does not pose any complexity and the sales based techniques can be used with relative ease. Make sure you are setting multiple goals ahead of your promotion so you are able to track metrics for all of them and determine the true effectiveness of your efforts.

To accomplish this, set of evaluation criteria is laid down before the implementation of the sales promotion programme. To help salesman in selling more to the retailers and consumers.

When the product has been improved. A good demonstration with a great dealer of action will draw heavy crowds in to the store and will attract attention to the product. Sale promotion provides an extra stimulus.

Also a firm whose market is hold by competitors whose free sampling almost expensive. Next time, your promotions will be guaranteed to be even more successful.

Sales promotion, is only a part of the promotion. Sales promotion at Dealers Level: In this offer was there a risk of buying an unfamiliar brand? Thus the consumer get the benefit of reduced price to the extent of the value of the coupons. The retailer sells the products mentioned. On the other hand Promotion is one of the key elements of the marketing mix, and deals with any one or two-way communication that takes place with the consumer.

Suppose that the promotion objective was to increase sales by 30 percent in certain period and the pre-promotion sales for a similar period were worth 5 million rupees. Promotion involves disseminating information about a product, product line, brand, or company.

The distribution costs are also high.


To check seasonal decline in sales. This an allowance following a previous trade deal not offer a certain amount of money for new purchases based on the quantity of purchases on the first trade deal.

Such incentive may take one or more of the following firm: But it is not easy to measure the effectiveness of a coupon offer. Look at the way the promotion is presented to your customers in terms of design, distribution and copy to see if it will inspire them to take the desired actions.

By presenting this coupon to the retailer consumers can purchase a particular product mentioned on the coupon at a reduced price. Ready to measure your results more accurately? The most successful promotions have these features:THE EFFECTIVENESS OF INTERNET ADVERTISING ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR: THE CASE OF UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI STUDENTS BY advertising, in-store displays, sales promotion, and public relations to reach consumers.

The pull policy directs promotions towards the consumers. effectiveness. A RESEARCH PROJECT REPORT ON “A Study on the effective promotional strategy influencing customer for The products of “ In Partial fulfillment of the subject MC&QA in semester 1 In MBA program at LDRP-ITR KADI.

Summer Internship Report on Mutual Fund: Performance Evolution & Marketing Words | 83 Pages. SUMMER TRAINING REPORT On Mutual Fund: Performance evolution & Marketing Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the two year Post Graduate Programme (PGP).

Summer Internship Project Report on sale strategy and Market development plan to improve Leyland Deere Market share in Delhi/NCR region 7/27/ Leyland Deere Submitted by Nishchal Sarin BITS PILANI, MBA Department of Management Batch CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Mr.

Nishchal Sarin, has completed his summer.

MBA Projects Download promotion is the dissemination of information through a varietal of activities other than personal selling, advertising and publicity which stimulate consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness.

This internship report is on Marketing strategy of drinking water in Bangladesh: A case study on MUM – product of Partex Beverage Ltd.

The firm uses various modes of sales promotion like giving with the price, reducing price Documents Similar To Internship Report on PARTEX Beverage Limited (Main Body) Soft Drink Market in Bangladesh.

Internship Report on Performance Evaluation of Sales Promotion Officer in ACI Formulations Ltd Download
Internship report on effectiveness of sales promotion
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