Parenting styles in different cultures essays for scholarships

Because I grew up as a TCK, I had the opportunity to meet families from all around the world and observe a variety of parenting styles. Here I share Vietnam Photo via Flickriver Vietnamese parents potty-train their babies using a whistle.

In fact, their styles were polar opposite. This, I believe, transcends the cultural differences and unites us all in the mindset that children are our future. When the baby fusses or gives a sign that they need to go, parents hold them over the toilet and whistle.

Central America Photo via Wikimedia Mayan women, in Central America, bathe their babies in ice cold water to calm and soothe heat rash as well as promote restful sleep.

It is the norm for mothers to expect their babies to scream during this ritual. This is so the baby grows up just as well spoken and articulate as the relative blessing the baby.

When I was twelve, my youngest sister was born and my parents conveniently used me as a live-in babysitter. This sounds absolutely frightening to me, but luckily there have been no reported fatal incidents in the years they have carried on this tradition.

As the saying goes, a mother always knows best. Additionally, we need to be proactive in ensuring that future.

Davidden In the Eastern cape of Africa, the Sifudu custom is practiced on the third day of life of a baby. Watch the clip above! I also learned and observed that everything I did for her, I did because I wanted the best for her, just like other parents and guardians around the world.

This smoke is made by leaves, that have an exceptionally pungent smell, from the Sifudu tree. These babies are then able to control themselves by the time they can walk. Mishimoto The Wolof people, in Mauritania, believe that human saliva can retain words, so they spit on newborn babies to add blessings that stick.

10 Unique Parenting Styles From Around The World

The baby is held upside down toward the smoke. Still, there have definitely been a couple parenting practices here and there that have stopped me in my tracks."Parenting Styles In Different Cultures" Essays and Research Papers Much research has been conducted on the different parenting styles across cultures.

There are also many myths about which parenting style is the best or the most beneficial to the social development of children. child rearing and parenting styles across cultures.

Child Rearing and Parenting Styles across cultures. As a result of past and previous research into child rearing and parenting styles adopted in various parts of the world, various disparities in attitudes and practices have been ascertained. The literature on culture and parenting intersects with related scholarships focusing on cultural images of childhood, cultural practices as contexts for development, and the cultural construction of the child.

Parenting Styles in Different Cultures Elizabeth L. Walsh Psychology Parenting style is one of many factors that strongly influence child development.

10 Unique Parenting Styles From Around The World. Share Share Tweet Email. Feb. 3, and I found my parents’ styles to be very different. In fact, their styles were polar opposite. And that is just dealing with two “Western” cultures. I’m not a parent and everything about parenting terrifies me, so why am I writing about this.

HOME Free Essays Parenting Styles in Different Cultures. Parenting Styles in Different Cultures Essay This paper will further research the variability of effective parenting styles across cultures and explore some of the reasons for these variations.

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Parenting styles in different cultures essays for scholarships
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