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This includes five key components: At QDB, we see ourselves at the vanguard of the drive to empower the private sector. Furthermore, as part of the Jahiz initiatives, QDB assists applicants through the provision of comprehensive start-up business solutions, which include consultation, development of business plans, and feasibility studies.

Currently, the seven sectors we are focusing on are those that are projected to have an overall positive impact on the social and economic standard of living in Qatar.

To promote the local private sector, QDB offers a wide-ranging support programme across myriad industries. Since then, we have greatly expanded our portfolio. Prizes for the top five entrants include free incubation, admission to an integrated consultancy programme, and access to our financing products.

To further this, we launched our prized initiative — the Al-Fikra National Business Competition, a nationwide challenge that promotes entrepreneurship and inspires a new generation of Qatari business leaders. The boot camp will be organised in the interest of developing local entrepreneurs and achieving higher scales of small and medium-sized enterprise SME competitiveness in Qatar, It is open to both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs with creative ideas as well as working professionals looking to bring entrepreneurial thinking into the workplace.

These sectors are agriculture, education, healthcare, industrial development, livestock, fishery and tourism. Internationally-recognised specialist on entrepreneurship, Associate Professor Dr Phillip Kim will share his extensive experience on different aspects of how entrepreneurial ideas become realities as well as elaborate on the importance of team-building, emerging economics, and technology entrepreneurship.

We are strong believers in the power of small businesses to innovate and create value for society. Promoting entrepreneurship is at the heart of our mission.

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Prior to the development of the Al Dhameen partial loan guarantee scheme and the Jahiz initiatives, our analysts researched the demand and supply metrics of the local market, as well as the needs of local SMEs.

Within the country, QDB collaborates with a group of preeminent partners to organise competitions for the creation of start-ups, such as the Al-Fikra National Business Competition.

Through its latest workshop, QDB aims to help participants develop a stronger entrepreneurial mind-set as well as explore common challenges faced by founders and chief executives of companies in areas such as ideation techniques, team-building, entrepreneurs, competitive assessments, defining value propositions, business model development, brand-building, financial management and customer acquisition.

Being a strategic player in this transformation, QDB enables the diversification of the Qatari economy by promoting and strengthening private sector development. Through it, we promote entrepreneurship among SMEs by simplifying market entry for new companies that focus on technology and operate eco-friendly business models.

We have been delighted with the reception that Al-Fikra has received over the past four editions, and have recently launched the fifth edition, which is testament to the success the competition has achieved in filling a big void in the field of entrepreneurship and encouraging new businesses. We focus our efforts on accelerating the development and diversification of the economy in line with the Qatar National Vision plan.

In addition, we facilitate official state procedures through our legal consultancy service. We wish to inspire them to lead the change they want to see in this world. The purpose of the Jahiz I and Jahiz II initiatives is to accelerate the development of the private sector and diversify the economy by bringing down the many barriers to entry across a number of hi-tech manufacturing sectors.

Without the right programmes and initiatives supporting the private sector, growth is unachievable. Finally, we are firmly committed to the export and promotion of Qatari products across the global marketplace.

Jahiz II offers 14 plots to Qatari business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to start food and beverage manufacturing businesses in Qatar. In doing so, QDB supports local entrepreneurs in a number of ways, both financial and non-financial.QDB chief executive Abdul Aziz bin Nasser al-Khalifa said the goal of the initiative is to stimulate growth and help entrepreneurs with innovative and.

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar will again be the academic partner for the annual Al Fikra National Business Competition. QDB launches Al Fikra business competition December 11, In The Peninsula, relates to providing workshops and training courses for the participant in order to present a clear and integrated business plans.

QDB will provide project owners with comprehensive startup business solutions, including consultations, business plans, feasibility studies and lease of machinery.

For more information: Read our FAQ’s. Free Restaurant Business Plans – whole list of links to different business plan examples from BPlans 6 Helpful Resources for Creating Your Restaurant Business Plan The Ultimate BBQ Business Plan Template July 30th, Staff. This app helps you plan your business appropriately and assess the financial and technical feasibility of your idea.

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Qdb business plans
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