Redesigning the khan academy teacher toolkit

Hassel received his Ph.

For example, if you are teaching a lesson on fractions, you can very quickly find a teacher video, math practice activities, a lesson plan, and animation to support your instruction.

Khan and Hess are somewhat onto this, but seem to be thinking of it more as just enabling in-person teachers of any quality to engage in more interaction with the kids they have — rather than specifically to give dramatically more kids access to the best available in-person teachers.

Instead, we want to be able to take a few critical or costly parts of our codebase and optimize them to the extreme. Available for middle and high school students, virtual labs help students learn key science concepts with short interactive animations, examples, and virtual experiments.

Lesson plans include summaries, pre-assessment exercises, whole group instructional steps, and differentiated activities.

Study Island Feature Focus: Teacher Toolkit

His work has appeared in Education Next, Education Week, and numerous other publications; he blogs for Education Next and is a frequent guest blogger on other forums, such as Education Week. By controlling the percentage of people for whom the feature flag was set, we could gradually roll out to more people.

Khan Academy: Not Overhyped, Just Missing a Key Ingredient – Excellent Live Teachers

Interested in learning more about how Study Island and Edmentum can help support your formative assessment goals? After the rollout, the module serving our Python API requests peaked at requiring around instances fewer than it needed before the rollout, and the Kotlin module serving only this one API stayed below 50 instances, meaning that one of our Kotlin instances is able to serve roughly 10x the requests that the Python version could serve.

Math Practice Activities are detailed plans for teachers to use in the classroom to cover Common Core Math Practice standards. This application reimplemented the single API endpoint we wanted to port, along with a bunch of supporting middleware for things like Khan-compatible authentication and request annotations for analytics.

He is a recognized expert on charter schools, school turnarounds, education entrepreneurship, and teacher and leader policy. Hassel was named to the inaugural class of the Aspen Teacher Leader Fellows program, designed to cultivate and support teacher leaders who are working to improve the teaching profession and student outcomes.

The educational videos available in the Teacher Toolkit help supplement instructional content and lessons. As part of our healthy hackathonI decided to test what it would look like to serve some user-facing requests using a Kotlin -based application running on App Engine Flex.

The change would be at least budget-neutral, and the great teacher could earn more within budget, since lab monitors are not paid as much. Results Because our old Python API was running on a set of multithreaded instances virtual servers that were concurrently serving a bunch of other APIs, it was not straightforward to directly compare the cost and performance of the old version to the new one.

Khan and his kindred may be able to overcome that, but it reinforces the importance of reaching more students with excellent instruction — live and online — during the 35 hours per week they are already in school. But there was a sense, especially on the infrastructure team, that we were sometimes being limited by our tools.

We hypothesized this was due to a relatively high per-request overhead. This API serves a very large number of very small requests.How do leaders manage the change as their organizations transition from traditional models to blended learning? Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more.

Khan Academy is a nonprofit with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone. LearnStorm is Khan Academy's free, back-to-school program that gives teachers a powerful way to jump start the school year.

By combining growth–mindset activities and lesson-aligned practice, LearnStorm drives mastery of core academic skills, motivates classrooms, and builds students’ confidence.

Khan Academy: Not Overhyped, Just Missing a Key Ingredient – Excellent Live Teachers written by Emily Ayscue Hassel and Bryan C. Hassel on June 13, Rick Hess was right to question the simplistic hyping of Khan Academy’s online video lectures in this Straight Up post. Jun 11,  · Redesigning the school day at Navigator Schools using a Lab Rotation model bonita Khan Lab School 10, views.

Khan Academy - Projects 4, views. The Teacher Toolkit provides a robust set of tools for quickly learning more about how the Khan Academy works, and offers suggested uses for different types of learners and different instructional situations, along with insights into the resources available to teachers through the site.

Study Island Feature Focus: Teacher Toolkit. Study Island Feature Focus: Teacher Toolkit. Friday, March 11, Khan Academy Lessons: Khan Academy videos help reinforce our middle and high school math lessons with brief tutorials that review specific concepts and examples.

Redesigning the khan academy teacher toolkit
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