Role of natural resources in the politics and economy of the middle east essay

What countries do not? Which countries are the richest in the Middle East? The Zagros are a rich source of stone and timber.

In fact, many so-called nomads were simply seasonal migrants who grazed their livestock in one region in the summer and moved elsewhere in the winter.

What Natural Resources Are Present in the Middle East?

Does this country share its water supply with another country? Geography also provides a basis for distinctive attributes of regional cultures, like the importance of olive oil and wine in the cuisine of the eastern Mediterranean region where grapes and olives can easily be cultivatedor the extensive use of incense in daily life, ritual practice, and in economic exchange in the cultures of south Arabia.

Climate -- List different climate types found in the Middle East e. Distinctive ancient cultures of this area include the South Arabian kingdoms in what is now Yemen that traded incense to the Levant and communities in Oman that were rich in copper and hard stone.

While migration to the cities offers attractive opportunities of employment and modern amenities to poor villagers, the rapid rise in urban populations has strained water resources, transportation facilities, and other public services as well as contributing to pollution.

Shepherds move their flocks along a desert road in Israel. Most states in the region with large nomadic or semi-nomadic populations have pursued a settlement policy in order to better track and control the historically independent tribes.

Cairo, Istanbul, and Tehran each have more than 10 million residents and continue to grow. In addition, there are significant populations of Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and other religious groups that live in these same nations that make up the so-called Islamic world.

More than deserts and camels The landscape of the Middle East is more diverse than the deserts that dominate movie screens and novels would suggest. Originally, the Near East referred to areas under Ottoman control, from the Balkans to the border of Iran.

Part 2 Work with students to combine their research on larger, blank graphic organizers projected on the wall or drawn on a flipchart or the blackboard to create a visual representation of the Middle East. Ships make their way in an orderly fashion through the Suez Canal, which connects the Red Sea with the eastern Mediterranean.

The region can be referred to most neutrally by continental terms, such as "West Asia" or "Southwest Asia and North Africa. What countries have a fresh water source? What is the population of the country?

The Geography of the Middle East

What is the climate? Population -- Organize the countries from most to least populated.

Zagros Mountains Mesopotamia is bordered on the east by the Zagros Mountains of western Iran and eastern Turkey elevation up to 15, feetwhose highland valleys were home to Elamite and Persian civilizations as well as later powerful nomadic confederations including the Bakhtiari.

Does it originate in this country? The "Islamic world" includes all of the Arabic countries, as well as neighboring Turkey and Iran. Questions to ask include the following: What countries have mountains?

A neighborhood in Detroit, for example, may be made up of immigrants from one particular village in Lebanon. If a central government can keep the irrigation systems in good working order, then well-irrigated fields produce more crops, which can then be taxed to support the government.

Which animals are raised, and why? What is the GDP per capita? Is there a rationale for growing these crops? Discuss the similarities and differences of countries with water, agriculture, and other exports.

What crops are grown? The Christian Byzantines had ruled Byzantine from Constantinople in western Anatolia for four centuries, with the Taurus Mountains providing a natural barrier against their Muslim neighbors to the south and east. Southeast of the Levant is the Arabian Peninsula with its extensive deserts, oases, and coastal regions along the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and Persian Gulf that were more often suited to permanent settlement.

The people who traveled these roads exchanged not only products, but, maybe even more importantly, ideas -- scientific, religious, and artistic -- that would challenge and change institutions in China as well as in the Middle East. What is the average life span? What irrigation techniques are used?

Distribute copies of the graphic organizer, and have students answer the following questions:The natural resources. What is the role of the natural resources in the region? Geologists and historians have often documented that The Middle East has had a rich profusion of natural resources and one can find the fact that copious petroleum plays a vital role in this area’s economy.

Oil and Foreign Involvement in Arab Nations - The Middle East has been involved in many conflicts for most of its history.

These conflicts have been in large part due to, natural resources. The Political Economy of Dubai Essay Words 10 Pages A rentier state is one whose economy entirely depends on the income obtained from selling of natural resources to the outside world, in other words the proceeds obtained from renting of these resources.

Nearly all the countries in the Middle East produce and export oil and natural gas. There are other natural resources unique to each region in the Middle East. For instance, Syria not only has oil reserves, but it also has minerals such as marble, natural.

The Middle East is an important and diverse region whose politics have played an important role in global society. This lesson offers essay prompts that will help your students explore the.

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Role of natural resources in the politics and economy of the middle east essay
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