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The policy of the Royal Bank was to either drive the Bank of Scotland out of business, or take it over on favourable terms.

The Treasury permitted the payment because they feared the resignation of Hester and much of the board if the payment was vetoed by the government as the majority shareholder. The first London branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland opened in Bythe Royal Bank of Scotland had branches and around staff.

The building as seen along George Street forms the eastern end of the central vista in New Town. An axial banking hall Telling Room behind the building, designed by John Dick Peddiewas added in ; it features a domed roof, painted blue internally, with gold star-shaped coffers. This plan was formally approved by the European Commission in September This was, at the time, the largest rights issue in British corporate history.

It revealed it would instead seek to sell the operation to another bank. Royal Bank of Scotland will continue to offer private banking and wealth management in the British Isles, as well as to international clients with a strong connection to the UK.

This meant that RBS had to open a number of branches on a Sunday — the first time that they had had to do this.

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To prevent similar attacks in the future, the Bank of Scotland put an "option clause" on its notes, giving it the right to make the notes interest-bearing while delaying payment for six months; the Royal Bank followed suit.

However, the Royal Bank of Scotland subsequently tabled a counter-offer, sparking off the largest hostile takeover battle in UK corporate history. Len McCluskeythe general secretary of Unite the Unionsaid: The operations being sold has CHF billion of client assets under management. An agreement was reached, under which English banks would not open branches in Scotland and Scottish banks would not open branches in England outside London.

Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland, along with Clydesdale Bank and Bank of Scotlandstill prints its own banknotes Notes issued by Scottish banks circulate widely and may be used as a means of payment throughout Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom; although they do not have the status of legal tender they are accepted as promissory notes.

This would break a near year period in which the Royal Bank of Scotland has been headquartered in Edinburgh. The "Ilay" series was introduced inand while some remain in circulation, they have been replaced by the new polymer notes which were issued from Despite talk of a merger with the Bank of Scotland, the Royal Bank did not possess the wherewithal to complete the deal.

The move brought the total number of jobs cut since the bank was bailed out in to 34, The branches, incorporatingsmall business customers, 1, medium business customers and 1. Andrew Square in the New Town. The aim was to "make available new tier 1 capital to UK banks and building societies to strengthen their resources permitting them to restructure their finances, while maintaining their support for the real economy, through the recapitalisation scheme which has been made available to eligible institutions".

As part of this restructuring, all retail banking assets of the existing Royal Bank of Scotland plc will be transferred to Adam and Company which will assume the Royal Bank of Scotland name in the process. Therefore, tax would be paid chiefly through the London-based company, thus depriving Scotland of significant revenues.Chairman Howard Davies looks back at the financial crisis.

RBS Chairman Howard Davies is giving a lecture today at King's College London entitled: ''Royal Bank of Scotland & The Financial Crisis: Ten Years On". The Internet browser you are using is not supported by Digital Banking.

Use the link below to see a complete list of the browsers we support. Customers. Royal Bank of Scotland has paved the way in banking since it was established.

From the world’s first overdraft, and the first house purchase loan by a UK bank. RBS's chairman Sir Howard Davies says that the bank could use £4bn of surplus capital to pay a special one-off dividend to shareholders. Marks & Spencer is the morning's biggest faller, down 2%.

We are with you every day, explore our personal banking products including bank accounts, mortgages, loans, savings and more. We are the Royal Bank for Scotland.

Royal Bank of Scotland Online – Bank Accounts, Mortgages, Loans and Savings. Royal Bank of Scotland. September RBS and Barclays asked to explain 'addition to litany of IT failures' Published: 21 Sep RBS and Barclays asked to explain 'addition to litany of IT.

Rolyal bank of scotland
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