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In order to help capture the Puppet Master, Kusanagi agrees to allow it to Shirow masamune her own consciousness. The box set also contained a booklet titled ManMachine Interface Inactive Module, a poster and a Fuchikoma robot action figure.

This sequel picks up five years after the action of the first volume, and Kusanagi—after her alterations by the Puppet Master and her break with Section 9—is now a very advanced cyborg who heads the investigative department of Poseidon International, a huge multi-national business concern.

Lovecraft, among scores of other international leitmotifs. It was later collected in a single volume in trade paperback format on October 10, Completes Ghost in the Shell Shirow began work on what some have called his masterwork, Ghost in the Shell, in the late s, with the first installment serialized in a Shirow masamune magazine in In this cyberpunk iteration of a possible future, computer technology has advanced to the point that many members of the public possess cyberbrains, technology that allows them to interface their biological brain with various networks.

At this same time, Shirow began teaching art at a Japanese high school, a position he held for five years until he grew frustrated with the system.

It was while at university that Shirow was first introduced to manga by a friend; he had never bought a manga book before then.

Masamune Shirow

Shirow requested that "Ghost in the Shell" be included on the title Shirow masamune if it was in small print. Shirow considers the manga a completely different kind of work and not a true sequel of Ghost in the Shell.

Inthe Major, now known as Motoko Aramaki, works as a security expert for Poseidon Industrial, now an entity composed of multiple identities that she controls via Shirow masamune network in other prosthetic bodies that attack industrial spies, assassins, and cyber-hackers, solving various crimes, while still at her day job.

Meanwhile the pseudonymous artist continues his quiet life in Japan, far from the limelight of Tokyo, maintaining a steady flow of production in his one-person studio. After this event, the Major leaves Section 9 to work as a private contractor, with the remaining members of the unit, BatouTogusaIshikawa, Saito, Paz, Borma and Azuma, continuing their work as covert operatives, occasionally meeting up with the Major in her various guises.

Tank Police was followed by the six-part series Dominion Conflict 1: Shirow was still busy with school, but upon graduation he drew Appleseed specifically for this small Osaka-based publishing firm. Their model city is Olympus, a sanctuary for humans, as well as for a new life form: Part of his pen name, "Masamune," is taken from the name of a famous thirteenth-century Japanese swordsmith, while "Shirow" is an amalgamation of "shi," meaning warrior or samurai in Japanese, and "ro," meaning young.

After two years of drawing Shirow finally finished his first manga, Black Magic, which he self-published in in the fanzine Atlas. Mobile Armored Riot Police: Black Magic was adapted as the Japanese anime Black Magic M,and as a video game; Dominion was adapted for Japanese anime, ; Appleseed was adapted for Japanese anime, andand as a video game; Dominion: Tank Police was adapted for Japanese anime, ; Ghost in the Shell was adapted by Mamoru Oshii for Japanese anime in and released in the United States inand was adapted as a PlayStation video game, and the television series Ghost in the Shell: Her job is to track down criminals, terrorists, and most of all, the hackers who control humans.Looking for information on Masamune Shirow?

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