Speed limiters essay

Roads are engineered in a way to ensure that motorists can drive safely up to a maximum speed under average conditions of weather. Instead of letting motorists justify their speeding, law enforcers need to instill the culture of adhering to speed limits among the communities. If enforcement could be coupled with the community support, then this will bring down the casualty rates tremendously.

English UK Introduction Speed, just as alcohol is one of the greatest contributors to road accidents all over the world. Instead, speed limits should be more vigorously enforced and publicized to ensure compliance. Awareness should be created on the benefits of adhering to the speed limits so that motorists realize that they are also doing it for the communities around.

If the speeding behavior could be discouraged among the people, we would have drivers that are more responsible in our roads who can stick within the speed limits. They can also help in reporting cases where traffic laws are broken.

Limitation of Speed Limits

As indicted above, the effectiveness of speed limits can only be observed with other measures such as public awareness. Members in such a community do not even notice the speed limit signs hence speeding is always justified for them.

Such communities need a lot of awareness and education on road accident documented facts to make the change their culture. Law enforcers have for a long time been ensuring that motorist adhere to speed limits and other traffic regulations by even requiring speed limiters be installed in some classes of vehicles.

These speed limits need to be embraced and not seen as ways of delaying us in the traffic. Therefore, law enforcers should be vigilant to deal with these cases.

Vehicle emissions, noise, and vibrations are some of the problems to the society brought about by the ignorance to the speed limits. More sophisticated gadgets such as the automated speed cameras that have quick number plate readers have proved to be more helpful when it comes to dealing with speeding.

This makes it ironical to oppose the implementation of these vital traffic regulations. These accompanied by the normal speed limit signs help in ensuring traffic moves in a uniform manner hence reducing collisions.

How Speed Limiters Work

Conclusion Reviewing of the maximum and minimum speed limits backed up with efficient traffic law enforcement as well as a public awareness on the importance of adhering to the limits can go a long way in ensuring that the fatal accidents are no longer frequent in our roads.

However, a lot needs to be done to eradicate deaths due to speeding on roads. Pedestrians need also to be made aware of the traffic laws and the risks involved in crossing roads.

Speed limits can also be restructured in some roads to make them more reasonable by reducing the maximum speed as well as raising the minimum speed.Essay on Speed Kills - Speed Kills The high speed limits are often causes of accidents that cause serious injuries and even death.

The speed limit should be lowered so we can control accidents caused by high speed driving, pollution, and the high cost of operation and insurance. First of all it is obvious that a motorist driving over the speed.

Like many functions on modern, fuel-injected cars, speed limiters operate through electronic sensors and the engine computer. Here's how it works: A series of sensors detect how fast you're going, then communicate that information to the engine's computer, which manages nearly all the engine's functions.

Law enforcers have for a long time been ensuring that motorist adheres to speed limits and other traffic regulations by requiring speed limiters in some classes of vehicles.

Free Essay Examples and Templates. Speed limiters are also there to protect the engine and the car itself. An engine's lifespan drops significantly if it's running at maximum speed all the time because it is being made to work much harder than it normally would.

Another important factor is the car's ultimedescente.com look at all those numbers and letters on the sides of your tires? implementation of speed limiters, there is possibility that crashes will reduce the more if well enforced and adequately implemented but it has to be a gradual process because of the challenges involved.

Those who are in favor of speed limiters, or speed governors, cite the following reasons: Improved road safety: The Truckers Report notes that commercial trucks are responsible for 18 percent of.

Speed limiters essay
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