The american paradox

Is it not one that rewards initiative but restrains exploitative greed?

The American Paradox: A History of the United States Since 1945

The American Paradox is available through your local bookstore or from Amazon. The components are political e. Heavy drinking rates, hard liquor consumption, and drunken driving fatalities are declining.

The very institution that was to divide North and South after the Revolution may have made possible their union in a republican government.

Families were often broken—by death. The american paradox to your own heart. Yesterday was not the best of times, today is the best of times.

The prices of cars, air travel, gasoline, and hamburgers are at record real-dollar lows. Mueller, and Tom W. At the beginning of the 20th century, we had no social security system. Excerpted from The American Paradox: From The american paradox the present, life expectancy has risen from 47 to 76 years.

This enables our having, among the other accouterments of our unprecedented national wealth, twice as many cars per person today as then and to eat out two and half times as often. The network news, cabled into my home on one of the dozens of available channels, has recently headlined new peace treaties.

Ironically, however, for plus years—from until the early s—America slid into a deepening social recession that dwarfed the comparatively milder and briefer economic recessions that often dominated our news and politics.

We want to edit them. To cope with the casualties at the base of the social cliffs, we can expand our social ambulance services. Drawing on research and anecdote, I consider the links between faith and character, faith and altruism, and faith and social reform movements.

Such sentiments define the heart of economic and social individualism, which finds its peak expression in modern America. It is the Best of Times We are fortunate to be living when we do.

What a different world than I was born into barely more than a half-century ago—a world without broadcast television, fax machines, computers, jet airliners, or cell phones. Bertrand Russell once said that the mark of a civilized human is the capacity to read a column of numbers and weep. When individualism is taken to an extreme, individuals become its ironic casualties.

Reasonable and rooted moral judgments will motivate compassionate acts and enable noble and satisfying lives. In Is Progress Speeding Up?

Military budgets are shrinking and bases are closing. New drugs are shrinking our tumors and enlarging our sexual potency. The National Commission on Civic Renewal combined social trends such as these in creating its "Index of National Civic Health"10 —which has plunged southward since And what are the corrosive forces?

Prefer solo spirituality to communal religion. In88 percent of children lived with two parents. Divorced fathers were not obligated to pay child support.

We cannot, and would not, return to the 19th century, or even the s.

The American Paradox: Spiritual Hunger in an Age of Plenty

Ergo, however great our present problems, the past is no golden age to which we would willingly return, if only we could. The Way We Never Were: Is Progress Speeding Up? Yet there is more to the story. How is it that things could have gone so well materially, and so poorly socially?Since we have experienced the great American paradox: While material affluence and human rights have surged, national civic health was, until recently, falling.

The American Paradox of Slavery and Freedom

The American Paradox has 40 ratings and 5 reviews. Kapil said: Lot of it is pretty dated but one could still relate to author's ideological core drift. W /5. Slavery and Freedom: The American Paradox EDMUND S. MORGAN A MERICAN historians interested in tracing the rise of liberty, democ- racy, and the common man have been challenged in the past two decades by other historians, interested in tracing the history of oppression exploita.

THE AMERICAN PARADOX emphasizes political participation and popular culture in recent American history. This reader's main theme is the relationship of Americans to their government, for example, how Americans as a people remain skeptical of big government even as they expect it to facilitate large programs such as Social Security.

The American Paradox: Spiritual Hunger in an Age of Plenty [David G. Myers] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For Americans entering the twenty-first century, it is the best of times and the worst of times/5(8).

Slavery and Freedom: The American Paradox Created Date: Z.

The american paradox
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