The development of the international strategies and improvement efforts made by philips and matsushi

In the upcoming international markets, marketing helps in the innovation of new products that are in line with the upcoming market trends.

Part of the probable reasons why this company has not completely utilized the global market is associated with the high cost required for such ventures and the complexity of diversity due to its highly diversified aspects.

Research shows the business case for supply chain sustainability is growing. International marketing strategies adopted by the company The company basically employs two strategies in its international marketing efforts.

It is built on a foundation of principles and methods called Dynamic Work Design and can be adapted to any type of work in any type of organization.

The survey would help the company establish the kind of products that it can offer to such markets. The process also ensures that projects define a clear logic and purpose, are based on evidence of what works, and develops detailed plans for evaluation, monitoring and learning.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers are required to provide information about their sustainability programs and demonstrate continuous improvement.

These brands are working together to integrate higher standards of environmental and business practices for their industry by eliminating the use of 11 classes of hazardous chemicals from textile production by The company should engage local professionals in their targeted regions who would help actualize the real customer needs in such markets.

Customer service is very core in GE and all multinationals dealing under GE is supposed to adopt this view. Some criteria that may be helpful for prioritizing suppliers include level of spending, importance to business continuity, and geography as a proxy for risk.

Inability to acquire expansion sites for the company- Due to its size, the company faces monumental challenges acquiring new sites for expansion due to existing domestic and foreign policy framework. Among major competitors, it has become a widely accepted fact that a strategy cannot work in the market efficiently if it is not well marketed internally Kotler and Gary,p.

Such technology could be in the area of communication, international money transfer, shipping and logistics and effective diplomacy necessary to maintain budding foreign relations Adcock et al.

He was also senior vice president of operations for a multinational corporation, responsible for 5, people globally in manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, quality, and logistics.

The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition has developed the validated audit process that covers both social and environmental performance and includes an auditor certification program to drive for further consistency in audits.

The information is used to compile the environmental metric in the annual scorecards for top tier suppliers and to identify opportunities to partner with suppliers to advance business practices in target areas Communicating back to suppliers in a constructive way is critical for future engagement and provides encouragement for improvement.

It is also involved in healthcare, consumer and industrial products, advanced materials and NBC-Universal. Enhancing professional raining for customer service training on its staff is also an immense potential for the company Kotler and Gary,p.

The targeted company is a manufacturing and technology company, with great specialization in the aerospace industry. She oversees daily operations of the Labs, IT, and Engineering as well as new project and new process execution that keep this organization at the front edge of an industry where changing technology and speed are critical.

The Economist,p. This means that the company can lose ready market due to its inability to make quick decisions necessary to capture the change.

It also helps in expanding existing market, accumulate more capital, helps in balancing international payments, exchange primary products, increase profits and extend production facilities Chekitanp. In the external market, several aspects are considered to be crucial by GE.

Price In recognition of existing competition in the global market, the company is involved in regular evaluation of its price to ensure that customers attain optimum value for their products using least resources. There are however several ways through which this company can improve its access to the world market and remain effective despite its diversification.

Diverse product range-The Company has invested heavily in 11 major business fields giving it a wide range of products. These collaborations help prevent audit fatigue, training redundancy and mountains of paperwork for suppliers working to meet similar requirements from their customers.

The company should adopt up to date technology to help fast track its services and product logistics in its wide markets.Strategies for Sustainable Development INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT The DAC Guidelines Strategies for Sustainable Development All requests should be made to: Head of Publications Service, OECD Publications Service, 2, rue André-Pascal, Paris Cedex 16, France.

In the fall of products made the company to shift it production to lower cost countries and establish research and development relationship of their R&D foreign engineers. CASE STUDY QUESTIONS 5 Reference list Bartlett, C., Philips versus Matsushita: the competiveness battle continues, Harvard Business school, Vol, pp This program helps executives understand how continuous improvement strategies, sustained over a long period of time, affect core business metrics and business development strategy and contribute to the success of the organization.

Early Praise for 30 Strategies for Education Innovation By Prakash Nair Prakash Nair has synthesized key learning theories and current practices into 30 strategies that stress how the learning environment needs to be humane and attentive to individual children's needs.

Implementing Improvement Strategies: Dynamic Work Design

Monitoring Plans for strategies, projects and activities guide the efforts of USAID staff and implementing partners to ensure relevant information is available when needed to make adjustments to programs as well as to report to stakeholders. Business models for sustainable development aim to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits – the three pillars of sustainable development – through core business activities.

In these models, the value proposition includes social, environmental and economic values, while value distribution within the whole market chain is a key.

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The development of the international strategies and improvement efforts made by philips and matsushi
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