Thesis on solid waste management in nigeria

The need for a healthful environment is common to all peoples, it cuts across boundaries of occupation, class and politics, it differs from neighborhood and from region to region; it differs not only in fundamental but in complexity.

Some of the respondents showed negative attitude towards the study because they felt that they have no financial gain from the study.

It will also serve as a reference base for future researchers in the field of environmental management as well as business and management. According to the United Nations Habitat Watch, African city populations will more than Thesis on solid waste management in nigeria over the next 40 years.

Some affected streets may be impassable for several weeks or months as a consequence. Much of the efforts at domestic waste management are by state governments and local authorities.

In this sector, what is regarded as waste by certain groups may become premium raw material to another group? Programs for public enlightenment lacked the needed coverage, intensity and continuity to correct a pathetic attitude towards the environment.

Situation in Oyo Away from Lagos State, Oyo is another ancient town in Nigeria with an estimated population of six million people. Environmental sanitation is perhaps the most obvious element in environmental management but is certainly not the most important. Public enlightenment programs lacked the needed coverage, intensity, and continuity to correct the apathetic public attitude towards the environment.

What are the prospects from waste Management? Most of the wastes is generated by households and in some cases, by local industries, artisans and traders which litters the immediate surroundings.

Hence wastes are often indiscriminately dumped in open plots of land and particularly along roads and streets. Improper waste disposal and lack of reliable transport infrastructure means that collected wastes are soon dispersed to other localities.

Waste Management Issues In Nigeria

With per capita waste generation of 0. The substance must be handled and disposed of with care, so that it does not constitute danger to public health. Waste management situation in Nigeria currently requires concerted effort to sensitize the general public on the need for proper disposal of solid waste.

Nigeria, with population exceeding million, is one of the largest producers of solid waste in Africa. Future Perspectives The government at the federal level as a matter of urgency needs to revive its regulatory framework that will be attractive for private sectors to invest in waste collection, recycling and reusing.

At this junction, management of solid and liquid waste in Enugu State through ensuring a clean and sustainable environment for the good health and well-being of people of the State, and to achieve this, commitment to the state is ensured.

Attitude of the Respondents: Improper collection and disposal of municipal wastes is leading to an environmental catastrophe as the country currently lack adequate budgetary provisions for the implementation of integrated waste management programmes across the States.

Environmental protection and preservation are the prospects from waste management.


February 14, Project Topic: In some cases, the wastes are not collected until after a week or two, consequently, the waste bin overflows and litters the surroundings. According to the Standard English Dictionary, waste is that material which is useless; thrown away because it is not wanted.

Scenario in Lagos Lagos State, the commercial hub of Nigeria, is the second fastest growing city in Africa and seventh in the world. Reckless disposal of MSW has led to blockage of sewers and drainage networks, and choking of water bodies.

Despite a host of policies and regulations, solid waste management in the country is assuming alarming proportions with each passing day. In case the waste generators feels that the amount being charged by the waste franchisee is beyond their means, they dump the waste along flood paths thus compounding the waste predicament.

Taking the advocacy further on waste managementto avoid littering the environment, some manufacturing companies e. The whole people living around the area can hardly stay comfortably in their houses.

Solid waste generation and its management has become a major issue in urban areas especially Enugu because of increasing gap between the prolific level of generation and the limited technology and capacity of evacuation. This cash incentive has been proven over time to validate the waste to wealth program embarked upon by the manufacturing companies.

It is also expected that the government will build more composting and recycling plants in addition to the ones in Ekiti and Kano State to ensure good sustainable waste management. All the people in the area are exposed to and may be affected by any type of disease the mess might cause.

Waste however could be said to relative especially in the manufacturing and production sector. Despite being a model for other states in the country, municipal waste management is a big challenge for the Lagos State Waste Management Agency LAWMA to manage alone, hence the need to engage the services of private waste firms and other franchisee to reduce the burden of waste collection and disposal.

Environmental protection and preservation are not the prospects from waste management. Also, the officials should be well trained on professionalism, service delivery and ensure that other states within the country have access to quality waste managers who are within reach and can assist on the best approach to managing their waste before collection.

Hog feeding, open dumping, incineration, resources recovering, composition, and phrolysis are the disposal systems of ESWAMA. Hog feeding, open dumping, incineration, resources recovering, composition, and phrolysis are not the disposal systems of ESWAMA.Issues and Challenges of Solid Waste Management Practices in Port-Harcourt City, Nigeria- a behavioural perspective solid waste management, provision of near-by solid waste collection points, enactment of waste Nigeria.

Waste Management. Research both past and present into solid waste in Nigeria like most developing countries with an absence of adequate solid waste management. Solid waste management is the most pressing environmental challenge faced by urban and rural areas of Nigeria.

Nigeria, with population exceeding million, is. An Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste in Kano Metropolis, Nigeria Aliyu Baba Nabegu Department of Geography, Kano University of Science and Technology, enhance proper management of solid waste and promote recycling and reuse of waste and should embark on AN ANALYSIS OF MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE IN KANO METROPOLIS, NIGERIA MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES IN KANO METROPOLIS, NIGERIA Solid waste management is a global issue that is a growing source of concern in developed and it is necessary to assess the municipal solid waste disposal and the environmental issues in Kano metropolis.

This paper is therefore aimed at looking at the. This thesis is a presentation of the problems of solid waste management in Nigeria and certain important issues that must be addressed in order to achieve success.

At the core of the problems of solid waste management are the absence of adequate policies, enabling legislation, and an environmentally stimulated and enlightened public.

Thesis on solid waste management in nigeria
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