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CLA, s 16 2. Negligent act or omission - if the economic loss was the result of a negligent act or omission, the court considers the following salient features: There is a requisite relationship between the defendant and the tortfeasor: A plaintiff is vulnerable if he was unable of taking reasonable steps to protect himself from the negligent act.

If the court determines that the considerations for imposing a duty of care outweigh those against the imposition of a duty of care, the duty of care to avoid causing pure economic loss will be established.

A special relationship between the parties such as that between parent and child. If accessing the online study aids from Lexis OverDriveyou will need to authenticate using your UC credentials. Loss of earning capacity inability to earn money in the future. Non-economic loss general damages.

Hughes v Lord Advocate. Notice that a disclaimer can be ineffective if the court deems it too unfair. Gratuitous care services compensation for friends or family who are likely to become carers for the plaintiff without seeking payment: All negligent defendants will be held concurrently liable: Plaintiff can only recover if the psychiatric injury suffered is a recognised mental illness to be determined by the use of expert evidence: Namely, the standard of care is lowered by economic and practical constraints.

CLA, s 16 1. There is no duty to warn for an obvious risk see exceptions: To establish contributory negligence, the same test is applied as to establishing normal negligence: Only the general type of the damage needs to be foreseeable, not the manner of its occurrence or its extent: Liability is indeterminate only when it cannot be realistically calculated Burden on commercial activity.Strict liability applies when a defendant places another person in danger, even in the absence of negligence, simply because he is in possession of a dangerous product, animal or weapon.

The structure for solving a torts problem is as follows: Establish that a duty of care was owed by the defendant to the plaintiff.

Establish that the duty was breached. This guide features study guides for first year classes that are availble in the library. If you have questions about using or finding the guides, please contact the library by email at [email protected] or make an appointment with a librarian.

4-page " x 11" quick reference legal studies guide to torts and tort law American tort law information is outlined in a clear and highly organized way in this law reference chart.

Mastering Tort Law is a succinct, practical guide to the intricacies of tort law.

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Functional in approach, it describes and illustrates basic tort doctrine, and provides students with insight into more advanced tort. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.5/5(1).

Torts study guide
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